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The San Gabriel Valley Examiner is a community newspaper, published weekly by publisher Eugene F. Moses, businessperson and former mayor with 30 years experience in community issues in the San Gabriel Valley. The San Gabriel Valley Examiner informs the community about local issues and provides constructive and enlightening opinions, the paper is a weekly adjudicated newspaper of general circulation as of July 1999 (Case#: KS005341).


The San Gabriel Valley Examiner has been adjudicated to publish DBAs and legal notices in Los Angeles County.* We have the forms and can handle your DBA filing for you - one call does it all!

  Call now: 626-852-3374  

Fax: 626-852-1904


*case number KS005341


The San Gabriel Valley Examiner's goal is excellence in journalism featuring news concerning all aspects of life, local government, business, civic organizations, sports, arts and entertainment, and above all the citizens' concerns. The San Gabriel Valley Examiner stands for free enterprise, fairness, accuracy and a quest for self-improvement in conformity with the positive changes in the coming years.


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